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Buying a Franchise? Read this first

Although the terms of each Franchise Agreement are different, there are a number of key elements that many agreements have in common. It is helpful for franchisees to understand each of the following points when considering buying a franchise. Read more

5 ways for franchisees to avoid trouble

Many people consider franchising to be a great alternative to starting up an independent business as there can be less risk involved in entering into an established franchise system than starting a business from scratch; however, franchising comes with its own set of risks. There are a number of simple steps that a prospective franchisee can take in order to considerably reduce those risks. Read more

Deadline Approaching for Franchisors to Update Franchise Documents

When the new franchising Code of Conduct came into effect on the 1st of January 2015, Franchisors were allowed a grace period within which to update their existing documents to comply with new requirements. Franchisors are permitted to use their existing form of disclosure document up to 31 October 2015. As that deadline is rapidly approaching, it is important that franchisors review and upgrade their documents now in order to avoid substantial civil penalties. Read more