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Who owns a LinkedIn Profile – You or your employee?

Social media is becoming an ever more significant networking tool for employers and employees alike. In this update we look at who actually owns the LinkedIn profile and, perhaps more importantly, the connections made via that profile. Read more

Employee entitlements – Get it right the first time

Now more than ever employers need to be vigilant in ensuring that they are compliant with the complex legal framework governing pay and entitlements, or potentially face exposure to underpayment claims and prosecution by the Fair Work Ombudsman. Read more

Why Employment Agreements and Policies are Important

The importance of having well drafted employment contracts and policies in place cannot be understated, as these set out the framework in which the employment relationship is regulated. Read more

Federal Court to rule on alleged sham contracting this month

Sham contracting arrangements are used by some employers to avoid legal obligations towards workers such as payment of payroll tax, workers compensation premiums, employee entitlements and superannuation contributions. Businesses found to have engaged in sham contracting are liable for significant pecuniary penalties under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) sham contracting provisions. Read more

How enforceable restraints protect your business

Restraint of trade clauses are often used by employers to prevent former employees competing against them and soliciting their clients. Read more

New Workplace Bullying Laws: For Employers

The Fair Work Commission’s (FWC) new bullying jurisdiction and anti-bullying laws commenced operation on 1 January 2014 and forms part of the Fair Work Amendment Act 2013 (Cth) giving “workers” the right to apply to the FWC for an Order to stop bullying at work from continuing. Read more