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Vann Fisher

My name is Vann Fisher.

I practice in the areas of Commercial and Corporate Law; Property; Estate and Business Succession and related areas.

I act as the client relationship manager meaning in essence that each day is different for me – some matters I handle personally, some are handled collaboratively with other Wisewould Mahony solicitors and some matters principally by Wisewould Mahony solicitors experienced in the relevant legal area with my ongoing input and support.

I have conducted my practice in this way since 1975 and with Wisewould Mahony for the past 15 years.

In addition I undertake strategic and directional consulting outside of Wisewould Mahony for selected clients.

My practice has always revolved and continues to revolve around providing pro-active commercial and supportive advices to my clients and their advisors.


Property Law and Mortgage Services

+61 3 9612 7316



+61 3 9612 7321

Senior Associate

Family Law

+61 3 9612 7272