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John Nolan

John Nolan

  +61 3 9612 7353

My name is John Nolan and I joined Wisewould Mahony in 2009 upon the merger of Wisewoulds with Mahonys having been a partner of the latter firm for 29 years.

I work as a consultant within both the Commercial and Property Departments of the firm but the majority of my work is providing legal services to the hospitality industry including commercial property, planning, liquor  and gaming  applications . I find  this industry exciting not only because of the variety of the work but also because my clients include a wide range of people who understand and appreciate customer service and often with an interesting story to tell.

I have, throughout my career, enjoyed the stimulation of assisting and working alongside creative and hard-working people.


Apart from my own experience, the breadth of knowledge and experience of my colleagues at Wisewould Mahony is a very valuable resource. Their professional competence, coupled with the informal style of the firm suits me and the nature of my work. I enjoy working as a team and mentoring the younger lawyers working in my practice areas.

Virtually every day, working in a legal practice, brings a new challenge which enhances the satisfaction of completing or resolving each matter. My aim is to provide timely but well-researched advice and assistance. I can work collaboratively with others or alone as best suits the circumstances. I enjoy drafting documents in an easy to understand format, breaking down the “legalese” barrier. Excessive formality and the use of archaic terminology often acts as a disincentive to the best use of legal services.



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