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Investor Information

Should You Invest in a Mortgage Investment?

Investors who invest with WNL may do so for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Investors usually receive quarterly or monthly interest payments directly into their bank account;
  • Investments endure for a medium term (usually 1 or 2 years), providing investors with the flexibility to withdraw their funds at the expiration of a mortgage term;
  • WNL and Wisewould Mahoney Lawyers have extensive management experience in facilitating, securing and managing mortgage loans;
  • All costs associated with the establishment of a mortgage loan are paid by the borrower; and
  • Except in the event of a default, the investor’s rate of return is fixed.

A mortgage investment provides income returns similar to other types of investments, but often without the taxation and administrative difficulties. For example, mortgage investments avoid the following problems, which are often associated with other investment types:

  • Sharemarket uncertainties
  • High up front costs;
  • Bad tenants;
  • Property maintenance inconveniences and expenses;
  • Insurance expenses;
  • Rates; and
  • Capital Gains Tax


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