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Sports Law

Sports Law

Wisewould Mahony provides leading-edge legal services in the unique field of “Sports Law”.

As a mid-tier firm based in Melbourne, Australia – widely regarded as the “Sporting Capital of the World” - we provide personalised service offering and can structure flexible costing arrangements to suit your specific legal needs. Equally important, we have a passion and understanding of sport, and a great appreciation of the way in which the law interacts with the needs, requirements and distinctive features of sport.

Services offered by Wisewould Mahony’s Sports Law practice include:

  • Dispute resolution, arbitration and tribunal work including Court of Arbitration for Sport;
  • Drugs in sport issues including performance-enhancement/doping and illicit drugs;
  • Liability for injuries in sport including insurance, workers compensation, risk management, negligence by leagues, clubs and athletes, intentional torts, legal treatment of ‘inherent risks” of injury, injuries in boxing and martial arts, participation in sport with injuries, liability of gyms and fitness centres, and the duty of care owed by the athlete/team doctor;
  • Employment law issues in sport including advice on sports employment contracts and terms, sports league rules, restraint of trade (transfer, draft and salary cap rules), termination and redundancies;
  • Discrimination law issues in sport including advice on sex/gender discrimination, pregnancy issues, disability discrimination, treatment of athletes with infectious diseases, racial discrimination/National Identity, religious discrimination, age discrimination, and harassment and vilification in sport;
  • Athlete rights including imaging rights, privacy and publicity rights, defamation, misleading and deceptive conduct/passing off, selection disputes, and discipline (eg “bringing a sport into disrepute”);
  • Intellectual Property including providing advice on ownership, licencing, transferring and exploiting IP rights, trademark registration and objections, copyright, domain names, confidentiality agreements, and dispute resolution;
  • Marketing issues including broadcasting, advertising, sponsorship and ambush marketing;
  • Competition Law / Antitrust issues in sports law including law and economics of league structures, the application of the restrictive trade practices provisions contained in Part IV of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) to “labour market” and “non-labour market” restrictions, ACCC authorisations, and defences (“joint venture” and “single economic entity” defences);
  • Legal status of sporting results and “field of play” decisions;
  • Taxation law including advice on tax concessions and exemptions for sporting organisations, athlete income tax, income averaging, deductions and income derived overseas; and
  • Governance and integrity issues including match-fixing, gambling and betting.

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