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Contract Review - Tenders

Contract Review and Support - Risk Management

Business is about maximising opportunity and minimising risk. Contracts can manage your risk however a poor contract can be the very source of risk.

The contract and its terms will allocate that risk and an error could cost the company a substantial sum. Not in involving a lawyer in the process may well be a false economy. Companies have contact managers, in-house legal counsel or out-source the review to external lawyers. Each of these options are a cost to the company.

The Wisewould Mahony Contract Review Team offer a highly experienced and commercial team that will ensure contract risk is identified and managed cost effectively. Major contracts often need legal sign-off for senior management or the Board and we can provide this in our 3 stage service.

  • Stage 1 – review and report on major issues provided at a fixed fee.
  • Stage 2 – Negotiations, further review and drafting as required. These costs are not fixed, however this process and the fees involved can be managed cost effectively.
  • Stage 3 – legal sign-off for Board and Management approval, with a final contract checklist and key dates for your contract management team provided at a fixed fee.
  • We can help you manage your contracts.