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Advertising and Compliance

Advertising and Compliance

Adam Rich is the head of the Wisewould Mahony Competition and Advertising Practice.

Every business engages in marketing and promotion.
What you can say and pricing is now strictly regulated

We offer a fixed fee Advertising sign-off service. Contact Adam Rich.

Why do you need a lawyer?

We limit your exposure to risk.

You will not be legally compliant if you only check the accuracy of the express claims in your advertisement and insert a disclaimer. There lies the risk - advertisers often go no further than this.

Advertisers make representations and you will be held to account for whatever members of the target audience reasonably understand your advertisement to say.

Our process is to:

  1. identify the target audience;
  2. form a view about the level of sophistication and understanding of that target audience, form a view on what the target audience (or sections of the target audience) will take from the proposed advertisement; and
  3. where that understanding is incorrect, we can suggestions based on our extensive experience make recommendations to ensure that perception marries with reality.

Our experience

The Wisewould Mahony Competition and Advertising practice has had significant experience over a long period working with major advertisers such as:

  • 1300 Australia;
  • Safe-n-Sound baby restraints;

We recommend involving lawyers in the creative process. If we see story boards for TVCs or notes of ideas, we can point out the potential pitfalls and issues. To avoid major problems and enable your advertising agency to focus. Wisewould Mahony provides direct advice and clear guidance to ensure legal compliance.